manager of culture, engagement and strategy



I recently joined the Ellington team and am so pleased to be able to help Ellington’s commitment in building a positive company culture that fosters innovation, collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit, and teamwork.  My goal is for every team member to feel like they belong to the Ellington family, to know that their contributions to the clients we serve and to the company itself are highly valued, and that Ellington is a place where their career and professional goals can be successfully pursued.  I’m committed to continuous improvement in contributing to our community and supporting the Ellington team members.  Ellington is a great place to work and is a great partner to our many clients, and I’m excited to help take us to the next level.


When outside of Ellington, I can generally be found in the Beach area of Toronto taking my dog out, chauffeuring my kids to their many activities and volunteering as the team manager.

T: 416 238 1555 ext 48  |